Back to Your Roots With Satellite TV

In an increasingly globalized world people are focusing more and more on what is beyond our borders. There is an increased interest with the culture and governments of foreign countries, so much so that people may be ignoring the plethora of fascinating history and culture going on right here at home. Satellite television plays host to a wide range of shows that can help you reconnect with the roots of your country, delving into the past and present events that have shaped the United States.

The History Channel is rich with shows that explore the history of the United States both on a global and national level. Audiences can connect with the trauma suffered by World War II soldiers by watching the show “Band of Brothers”. While the show is fictional, the story lines and characters are based on real journal entries and interviews with the soldiers who lived through the battles. Seeing the recreation of warfare in high definition instills a new kind of respect for the hardships those young men suffered. Beyond warfare there are shows that examine the inventions and social evolutions that have built the country up to what it is today.

Knowing the base from which the United States grew inspires a respect for the hardships born by the generations before us. A country comprised of immigrants, the History Channel takes viewers through the struggles, failures, and triumphs of people trying to make a life for themselves. The history of the country is not the only point of interest that will help you reconnect with your nation, satellite television also offers a wonderful range of channels that examine the culture of the United States. Being a country of immigrants means that we have a culture all our own. The vastness of the nation also means that each region has its unique culture as well. Food is a cornerstone of culture and the Food Network does a wonderful job of shining a light on all of the regional goodies within the nation.

Few people do southern food as well as Paula Dean, who had a little celebration on her show when she finally had a deep fryer installed in her kitchen. While your heart may beat a little slower as a result of some of her recipes, you will be getting a genuine taste of life in the south. Watching her deep fry some catfish in HD will bring Louisiana cooking right into the living rooms of people all over the nation. Watching other shows that feature steamed clams from the northeast and grilled salmon from the north Pacific will have your mouth traveling all over this tasty nation.

The world is a wonderful and interesting place and everyone should do some exploring during their lifetime, but it is also important to recognize the treasures in your own backyard. Satellite television has a wonderful variety of shows that help viewer expand upon their high school U.S. history class as well as celebrate the varied culture of the United States. The unique geography and population of this nation provide endless opportunities for exploration and learning to take place.

Source by John R. Harrison

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