Cable Vs Satellite TV – How To Save Money On Your Cable Or Satellite

In this article, I will share with you how to save money and difference between cable and satellite TV side by side. Do you remember when watching TV was free? Like water, who would of thought you would have to pay for it? Well, if the quality of water means anything to you, then it will cost you. That goes for TV too, but what service will work best for you?

The Cost

Cable – their low-end price is better, but only have a third of the channels.

Satellite TV – lower price on tier packages across the board, company's request payment per room picking up the service. Some cable companies do, as well.

The Channels

Although Satellite and Cable give much of the same channels in their packages, each has an advantage over the other.

Cable – starts plans at twenty dollars for customer that just wants good reception and local channels.

Satellite TV- offers west and east coast airing and different sports packages giving the customer options of either game. Access to some of the alternate airings may require an added fee.

The Receiver

Cable – has an advantage for customers who don't want digital service because no equipment is needed other than a TV. If you want digital service, cable and satellite TV are very much alike. Both services need a receiver, remote control, and a compatible TV.

Satellite TV – requires a clear view of the southern upper atmosphere to receive a signal. Customer must have a dish installed to a sidewall or roof and tri pods are available if neither is an option.

The Availability

Cable – spans the distance of their groundwork.

Satellite TV – encompasses the whole southern atmosphere, which is significant because cable TV providers can't reach every home.

The Digital, DVR, and HDTV

Satellite TV and cable TV providers are equal when it comes to digital, digital video recorders, and high definition.

The Customer Service

Cable – has storefronts making it convenient for the customer to pay bills, switch equipment, and face-to-face customer service.

Satellite TV- do not have storefronts, they use online customer service and the phone.


Satellite TV – require contracts

Cable – some cable TV providers requires contracts.

Source by David Calderon

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