Compare Satellite TV Deal – Is DirecTV Better Than Dish Network?

In United States, satellite TV is the very few options now for consumers to enjoy a handful of entertainment in front of their TV. Once you decide to use satellite TV, the only problem left for you is to choose the company that you wish to subscribe to. The top 2 companies in the US are Dish Network and Direct TV. Which one is better? Lets us find out.

On the pricing of the satellite TV service, Dish Network wins Direct TV easily. They offer a whopping 315 channels for just $ 66.44 monthly with their largest package. Direct TV offers 21% less channels but their price is higher by 30% of the Dish Network's largest package. With this, Direct TV is beaten hands down by Dish network because the latter is providing more but costing less.

For the HD programming feature, Dish Network once again beats Direct TV because they provide up to 25 channels in HD while Direct TV can only provide 8 channels in HD programming. However, if you don't have HDTV function, this comparison is irrelevant in your consideration.

Next, we compare the channel selection from these 2 companies. Overall, both companies offer all the favorite channels like Showtime, Cinemax, HBO and Starz. The only difference between the 2 companies is the price. The lowest you can pay for Direct TV is $ 41.99. There is no package lower than his price. So, there are not many choices for Direct TV.

As for Dish Network, they have a variety of packages for you to choose from. For those who only want to pay little for entertainment with their TV, they can take the small package which only cost $ 19.99a month. This package fills you with 70 channels. There are also other packages that cost $ 29.95 a month with 235 channels. This package has 80 more channels than Direct TV's $ 41.99 per month package.

However, if you are a sports fan, you may enjoy Direct TV because they are the only satellite TV company that has exclusive coverage on NFL Sunday Ticket Exclusive. Although it cost more to get this service, sports fan will definitely feel worthwhile with the fee that they are paying to get firsthand coverage on their favorite sport. On the other hand, Dish Network has 19 programming languages ​​and they also have another special feature which is the 65 Sirius music channels.

A for the DVR (Digital Video Recorder), Direct TV has a promotion of providing his equipment for free. All you have to do is to pay an amount up front and get it rebate to you once it is completely shipped to your premises. You will get your money back in 6-8 weeks after you post back the required details to them. As for Dish Network, you will get you DVR for free but you will have o cover the shipping cost of $ 19.99.

So, depending on which area of ​​viewing you prefer and the amount of spending you are willing to pay, you could decide pretty easily which satellite TV service to choose. Dish Network is surely the ideal choice. However, if your desire is sports, maybe Direct TV will suit you more. No matter what, you preferences is the key.

Source by Claudia Walters

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