Free to Air (FTA) Receivers and Files

Free-to-air satellite technology is a modern way of free televiewing that transmits broadcasts without necessitating subscription. Free-to-air programs are transmitted to satellite dishes, however, receivers and file supports are necessary. This is to ensure that you will be able to view the programs clear.

To be able to enjoy FTA programs, there are various things you need to know, such as:

· Which satellite supports the channel you wish to view

· The frequency of that FTA channel

· Symbol rate used by that FTA channel.

· The format of the broadcast from the FTA channel

Of course, knowing this is not the only thing you need, you will also need equipments. The gadgets or equipments you need to have include:

Satellite dish (C Band or Ku Band)

· FTA Receivers and its corresponding file support

· If you want more than one satellite, you will need a rotor or antenna motor.

Satellite dish

You do not need a plate atop your roof that is bigger than you house, C Band or 6-foot satellite dish is a good choice. However, new FTA programs now moved to the Ku Band system, which is an FTA receiver with a remote control and a small dish (less than a meter).

FTA receiver and file support

Depending on the source of the FTA receiver, your file support may be necessary. You will need to ensure that your FTA receiver will provide for file support system that is available on a 24/7. This is to ensure that should any problem surfaces, you will be ready and able to arrest the problem.

Rotor or antenna motor

The Ku Band system only points to one satellite, thus you will need a rotor that will allow you to point to more than one satellite. Of course, having a small satellite dish, you will need a good file support and thus the choice of FTA receiver provider is a must.

I may need to mention at this point that given the right satellite dish, FTA receiver and file support, you may be able to connect to as much as two hundred FTA satellite and digital channels and these channels comes from various parts of the world including Australia , India, Europe and New Zealand.

All the programs received via free-to-air channels are unencrypted, it is broadcasted as it is and thus, the language will be the same at it is.

No monthly fees to endure with your viewing, but you will need to watch it with lengthy introduction and some promotional gimmicks.

One particular FTA channel will give you FTA programs but will have interruptions that requests for donations. This works like the television commercial you hate receiving. Anyway, what is a commercial if you do not need to pay monthly subscription dues?

Of course, this depends you your preference. I, for one, wanted free-to-air technology.

Source by Jeff G. Herder

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