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Looking for an old friend, flame, long lost relative or your ex-spouse? Let Google people search find that person for you.

Google people search has its pros and cons and only you can decide if the pros out weigh the cons. The best way to do that is become familiar with the website and its functions. First, you need to know that "Google" is a search engine and if you are searching for a "Google People Search" website, you are not going to find one. What you will find are several hundred websites that have the ability to search for people.


Google people search is easy and free to use. You, as the searcher simply type in the person's name that you are looking for and if you know their last address that helps. You can also search all the states at once for a wider search.

Most of the time you will find the person you're looking for or at very least a close relative, spouse, children, parents or siblings. You may also find a current address and even a map straight from your driveway to their front door.

Many people use the Google people search to help locate relatives when putting their family tree together and researching their ancestor's. It can provide general help with genealogy, while others may use it to find former classmates and put together high school and college reunions.

Google people search can possibly help to track down someone that owes you money, a errant parent who has skipped out on their duty and even information about a criminal.


Most people are not comfortable with the idea of ​​a long lost "whoever" showing up at the front door unannounced. Often there is a reason why people lose contact and some relationships are better left lost.

There are a few cons there is a big con in that a lot of people do not want to have their information so easily accessible via the Internet. It is a blatant invasion of privacy and in the wrong hands can lead to criminal acts and identity theft.

Many websites will provide you with enough information to make you curious enough to click on the button for even more information. Then it costs money and unfortunately you may not get any more information than you got free.

While a few websites offer you a lifetime membership to find as many people as you would like. Most offer a yearly membership and charge you additional money if you are looking for information beyond current address and phone number.

There are some employers that use people searches before hiring individuals to do a background check. Unfortunately the information they obtain is not always on the right individual and may cost someone a job opportunity.

Google people search claims to give the buyer the individual they are looking for an abundance of information on that person. Including, birth information, death information, adoption, credit history, criminal records, and in some cases social security numbers.

Google people searches can be a good thing in the hands of the right people and it sure is cheaper than hiring a private detective if you really do need to find someone. Google people search can be used for a number of reasons and be very beneficial if used correctly and with the right intent.

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