How to Find People Free Online

There are many ways to find people free online ie you can use various methods like people finders, address finders, white pages, reverse look ups etc. With about 3 billion people using the internet, there is a chance to find someone free online especially if they live in countries where internet usage is high.

If you know at least one thing about the person you want to find, then you stand an even better chance. This is possible if you know some kind of information but don't be dismayed if you don't have any background information about the person.

So before you start looking for someone online, take some time to write as much as you know about the person you are looking for – the name, surname, phone number, email address, street address, residential address, occupation, social security number, birthday etc. This should be more like a profile about hobbies, names, interests, friends, relatives, organization worked for, nicknames, schools attended if you want to do a classmate search and more.

Amongst the many free ways to find someone online, you can use what is called a reverse look up. You can use any of the information you have about the person, for example, if you have an email enter the email exactly as it is on the search bar such as Google, or if you have a phone number, try entering it and see what turns up. Google has great people search operators, the bphonebook and rephonebook, which can search a business and residential listings respectively.

You should also try to search blogs. This is because almost anyone who uses the internet on a continuous bases has a blog or has posted a message on one or more blogs. You can search for blogs using Technorati, a search engine that you can use to search blogs.

Don't forget the obvious ways to find people free – you can ask a mutual friend or colleague about the whereabouts of the person you are looking for. Think about people that might know this person and are more likely to be listed somewhere on the web. If you can at least find these mutual friends online, then you can use them to generate some leads about the person you are looking for. If you know the person's previous address, do visit there to ask the neighbors, they are usually very helpful in providing information about current street or residential addresses.

You should also look at widely available public sources and white pages to find the person's address free. There are some websites that offer free people finder tools and content to help you get reunited with your friend without paying a cent.

Source by Tina Davidson

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