How to Find Someone Through a Telephone Search

There are many ways that you can find someone, though the most common use to be hiring a private detective. Though there are still times when you should do that, as you won't find some people on your own, you can find out things by yourself more and more often today. In fact, you may find someone without spending a cent, or for a fraction of what you would pay for just an hour of a private investigator's time. If you have an old phone number, you have a good clue with which you can start.

There are a few ways that you can see what comes up with an old number. You may not realize it, but you can use a reverse search to find a name to go with a number. That is backwards from what you are use to, but it can be done quickly and easily online at times. If the old number you have is a landline, take it to the online white pages to use their reverse search. See if you have a match that way.

If you don't find anything, don't give up just yet. That only works when a number is still in service, is listed with the white pages, and has not been deleted from the online listings by request of the owner. It will not work with mobile numbers either. That leaves a lot of numbers and options out there.

First, try the search engines that are useful for finding all types of information that is listed online. Enter the number to see what you find. You can also enter the name of the person to see if they have any hits that come up. You may not find that they have the same number, but you may find out where they live and what they are up to. If so, you can go back to the above mentioned white pages and forward search them by name.

There are other places online that you can do your search, and those are all helpful in some situations. The person you seek may simply no longer use that number, but you may find clues with that number to track down a new one or perhaps an email address. Try a specific telephone search that works with hard to trace numbers of all types.

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