How to Use Your Natural Power to Connect?

So what is your Excuse for not connecting with people around you?

My Excuse is that being nice is not worth the time or efforts in contrasts to it results.So I believe that people need not be treated nicely. Or at least that is what I used to believe.
Have you ever felt that pang inside when you know you should not be doing something and you still do it?

It is not that scary voice inside you head which tells you 'Don't do' but rather a very calm voice which reasons out telling why you should not do something? Yes, most people fail to recognize it and fail to differentiate between the scary voice and the calm one. The scary voice is usually fuelled by our fears and limitations and I firmly believe that we should ignore it.
But the calm one is your intuition. The more you listen to it and nurture it, the better your chances are in developing that inner voice. God / Nature put it there so it can connect you to the universal power.

Let me give you another example, have you ever been in a situation where you were able to communicate with power? You were able to connect with the other person with ease and charm and it seem like you had a natural flow? That was your inner voice expressing you .. Connecting you with your own natural seat of power. Do not take that power for granted, in fact, encourage it and notice how different it feels to other states of being like anger and fear. The more you learn to adjust yourself to this power, the more it will enrich your life.

Many of the new age and spiritual gurus call it connecting with your inner self. I simply think if this as one of the excellent states of being that you can choose to be in. We all make this choice and most people believe this is a default set that happens all by itself. That is not true. You can consciously choose the state you want to be in, just like a shirt that you chooser to wear. It takes practice and some efforts, but the rewards will be well worth it.

Here are some exercises you can do to connect with your Inner Power of expression so you can communicate with ease ..

1. Grounding:

Take a few minutes everyday to ground yourself. Pick a place free from excessive noise. Loosen your whole body. Imagine all the stress just dropping off you like sweat. Imagine and feel a cool blue light from the sky entering your head, traveling all through your body and finally rush deep into Earth through your legs. Imagine and feel a warm Red light rise up from the earth, enter your body through the legs and then finally release into sky via your head. Feel the love and warmth of both the Red and the Blue light flow in your body. Relish this at least for 5 minutes day and repeat as often as you want to.

2. Reverse Read:

Take any good book on self help and reverse read for about 15 minutes a day. Reading in reverse means, you should start from the bottom right corner and read from right to left.

3. Speak Impromptu:

Reserve a few minutes of mirror time everyday. Stand in front of a mirror and start your Impromptu. Do not care what comes out of your mouth keep blabbering. Do not stop to revise or analyze what you are saying. Make sure no one hears you do this as it will only make you conscious of their presence and you may censor out your thinking. This exercise is to help you get into your natural flow. You will know when you get into the flow by observing how you feel inside. It will take time to master this technique so do not expect a one day miracle.

Practice these few steps a few minutes a day and you will be well on your way to harness that natural power to connect.

Source by Sri Hari

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