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Italia Sky free iptv links PC Kodi Smart TV list

Here you can find the new Channel list for Italia Sky, Italia Sky free iptv links PC Kodi Smart TV list with HD quality also as downloadable file.

All Streams are tested and working, if you can not play links, please try other newer lists on our website.

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#EXTINF:-1,IT* Rai 1 HD
#EXTINF:-1,IT* Rai 2 HD
#EXTINF:-1,IT* Rai 3 HD
#EXTINF:-1,IT* Rai 4 HD
#EXTINF:-1,IT* Rai 5
#EXTINF:-1,IT* Rete 4 HD
#EXTINF:-1,IT* Canale 5 HD
#EXTINF:-1,IT* Mediaset EXTRA HD
#EXTINF:-1,IT* Rai Premium
#EXTINF:-1,IT* RAI Movie
#EXTINF:-1,IT* Marco Polo
#EXTINF:-1,IT* Rai YoYo
#EXTINF:-1,IT* Rai Gulp
#EXTINF:-1,M* Mediaset iptvsource_com
#EXTINF:-1,M* Premium Cinema HD
#EXTINF:-1,M* Premium Cinema 2 HD
#EXTINF:-1,M* Premium Cinema 2
#EXTINF:-1,M* PremiumCinema + 24
#EXTINF:-1,M* Premium Crime HD
#EXTINF:-1,M* Premium Crime +24
#EXTINF:-1,M* Premium Action HD
#EXTINF:-1,M* Premium Action +24
#EXTINF:-1,M* Premium Joi
#EXTINF:-1,M* Premium Comedy
#EXTINF:-1,M* Premium Stories
#EXTINF:-1,M* Premium Energy
#EXTINF:-1,M* Premium Emotion
#EXTINF:-1,M* Studio Universal
#EXTINF:-1,M* Cartoon Network Italia
#EXTINF:-1,SkyIT* Cinema Max HD
#EXTINF:-1,SkyIT* Cinema HD Uno
#EXTINF:-1,SkyIT* Cinema Comedy HD
#EXTINF:-1,SkyIT* Cinema Classic HD
#EXTINF:-1,SkyIT* Cinema Passion HD
#EXTINF:-1,SkyIT* Cinema Family
#EXTINF:-1,SkyIT* Fox Animation
#EXTINF:-1,SkyIT* Sky Disney XD
#EXTINF:-1,SkyIT* Fox Comedy
#EXTINF:-1,SkyIT* Cinema cult
#EXTINF:-1,SkyIT* Alice
#EXTINF:-1,SkyIT* Boing iptvsource_com
#EXTINF:-1,SkyIT* Deejay TV
#EXTINF:-1,SkyIT* Discovery ID
#EXTINF:-1,SkyIT* Discovery Travel & Living HD
#EXTINF:-1,SkyIT* National Geographic HD
#EXTINF:-1,SkyIT* History HD
#EXTINF:-1,SkyIT* Cartonito
#EXTINF:-1,SkyIT* Primafila 1
#EXTINF:-1,SkyIT* Primafila 2
#EXTINF:-1,SkyIT* Primafila 3
#EXTINF:-1,SkyIT* Primafila 4
#EXTINF:-1,SkyIT* Primafila 5
#EXTINF:-1,SkyIT* Primafila 6
#EXTINF:-1,SkyIT* Primafila 7

Download as M3U Playlist
Download as M3U Playlist (backup list 1)
Download as M3U Playlist (backup list 2)
Download as M3U Playlist (backup list 3)
Download as M3U Playlist (backup list 4)
Download as M3U Playlist (backup list 5)

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