Satellite TV Services And Socio-Economic Development

The proliferation of satellite television services in the latter part of the 20th century has undoubtedly impacted positively to the socio-economic development of the world. The satellite TV technology which was meant for advanced nations and the rich as a quick means of transmitting digital information to home television sets has come to the reach of the poor and lowly in the developing nations of the world.

The use in many countries of the world today has brought about socio-economic developments in the following areas:

1. Increase in revenue generation
2. Promotion of cultural values
3. Information dissemination I science and technological advancements

The revenue base of many nations has increased due to their ability to export different aspects of their cultural heritage via satellite TV networks. For instance, the Washington Post reported that international sales of American entertainment and software products totalled $ 60.2 billion in 1996, more than any US industry (Washington Post, Oct 25, 1998, P. A01). The revenue accruing from the Nigerian entertainment industry the "Nollywood" is increasing by the day due to the demand for the firms from this industry in different parts of Africa, Europe and America. The South African satellite TV station (DSTV) is increasing the country earning via satellite TV coverage of most African countries. Jobs have been provided for hundreds of thousands of persons who are directly or indirectly employed by these stations as journalists, engineers, technician, advertisers, etc. The stations also pay different revenues and tax to the government.

With satellite TV, many cultures in the world are able to transmit their identities far and wide. This has made it possible for communities, government and non-governmental agencies to promote their ancient cultural heritages to all and sundry.

Lots of invaluable information about science and technology has been easily passed through their programs to viewers all over the world. For instance, the popular SARS, bird flu and at present the swine flu epidemics have been promptly telecasted by different satellite TV stations and appropriate precautionary measures handed down to travellers and other inhabitants of the globe on how to forestall attack of the pandemic.

In some parts of the world where tyranny by government has been on the increase, the continual criticism by opposition groups via popular satellite based stations has helped to check the excesses of such government officials.

From this discussion, it will be nice for the critics of satellite TV services to have a rethink knowing well that its advantages are enormous. It is necessary for us to look at these advantages as enough reason for its promotion while we do our best to inculcate better moral virtues that will make the youths to shun the negative impacts of satellite TV programs.

Source by Chinedu Ossai

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